Sunday, July 13, 2008

Petition for right of entry to the OPT for film-makers

The petition below concerns Right of Entry to the OPT for people in the film industry.
It's been initiated by the Israeli committee for Right of Entry.

The introduction to the petition says, in part:

"Among those who have been refused entry for no apparent reason are 3 individuals in the film industry.

None of the individuals understands why she has been denied entry. All three had legitimate plans to begin or complete film projects with Palestinians or to meet with Palestinians in the film industry. The work of these three women is strictly cultural. One of the three also has an aged ailing mother in the West Bank (Norma, below), which is decidedly a humanitarian concern that should work in favor of her being allowed to enter.

All have continued their efforts to enter the Occupied Palestinian Territory to no avail."

The link to the petition is

Please consider signing, as well as spreading the word.
Racheli Gai.

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