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Patients dying in Gaza

There has been a steady toll of Palestinian deaths in the Gaza strip due to the Israeli siege. The ceasefire has slowed the rate of Palestinians who are being shot (but not stopped it – Israeli soldiers killed a man near a border fence last week). But the siege entails forms of violence besides murder by gunfire. People with health problems requiring treatment outside of Gaza often are not given exit permits, and die as a result – the death toll is now at 208. This is, of course, in addition to the countless people whose lives and health will be compromised due to the daily lack of food, clean water, sanitary living conditions, basic health care, etc., as well as the significant psychological trauma (particularly to children) of living in what amounts to a prison camp.

Judith Norman

Death toll 208 as three more patients die in the Gaza Strip due to the Israeli siege
by Rula Shahwan
IMEMC News, July 14, 2008

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Medical sources reported that the number of patients who died due to the Israeli siege on the Gaza strip reached 208 as three patients were announced dead on Monday morning.

Medical sources reported that Latifa Kafina died on Monday morning of leukemia. She couldn't get the permission to leave the Gaza Strip and get treatment. The patient`s family reported that they tried for over ten days to get permission, but they got it only after she was dead.

Moreover sources in Gaza reported that 36 year old Suhaila Abu Hweshel died of cancer on Monday after being banned to leave the Gaza strip to outer hospitals for medical treatment.

In addition Ahmad Abu Ajwa, an old man with diabetes, was pronounced dead on Monday for being unable to get life saving medical treatment out of The Gaza strip because the army banned him from getting the permission.

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