Thursday, August 11, 2011

please help this project off the ground.

There are 16 days left to reach the financial goal set by makers of this truly worthy project. Please consider helping - any amount will help. As someone who uses films a whole lot in my activist work, I can't wait to show this one...

Here are some words from Dalit Baum:

***** Last push - let's try and make this happen, please send this email around...

Help us support this exciting new film project about Palestinian nonviolent resistance!
The film maker, Connie Field, is an ally and a friend, and I have been using her amazing film "The Bottom Line" in my talks all around (about the campaigns around the world that targeted companies involved in Apartheid South Africa). It is one of the smartest, most precise and useful depictions of the anti-Apartheid movement, and she has had the film translated to Arabic and shown all around in Palestine and the middle east.
Help Connie complete her new film, by donating as little as the price of a movie ticket, and earn access to the completed film online and much much more: If we get enough people to pledge a small donation,

The new project Follows a theater group on the road in the occupied West Bank, as it performs Clay Carson's play about Martin Luther King Jr. The performers, of the Palestinian National Theater and an African-American gospel choir, meet with realities on the ground and help introduce viewers of different backgrounds to the occupation, and to the Palestinian civil rights movement. The choir works with the Jenin Freedom Theater, and the project commemorates the Palestinian-Israeli actor and activist Juliamo Mer Khamis who was assassinated during the tour.

As a global, glowing movement, we can support our films ourselves. This one is sure to become a powerful tool for us as a movement, and to help introduce us to many new audiences.

Please pledge as little as $1 online:
and help us spread the word - LIKE the website on facebook, SHARE with your friends, and forward this mail to your mailing lists.

Thank you!

Dalit Baum
Economic Activism for Palestine

Global Exchange
2017 Mission St., 2nd Floor, San Francisco, CA 94110

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