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Goldstone op-ed in the Washington Post and its aftermath

Goldstone's op-ed in the Washington Post, and its aftermath.

Last Friday (April 1) an op-ed piece by Judge Goldstone appeared in the Washington Post. It was titled "Reconsidering the Goldstone Report on Israel and War Crimes". An avalanche of responses followed. Israeli leaders saw it as a complete overturn of the Goldstone Report, and suggested that the UN should retract it, others saw it as indicating a minor change, and others worried what any change might mean in terms of Israeli actions on the ground.

Below you'll find a link for the op-ed itself; a link to a piece by PHCR (The Palestinian Center for Human Rights) - indicating the various issues brought up by the Goldstone Report, as well as by various other reports issued by human rights organizations.
The article in the Huffington Post by MJ Rosenberg points out that nothing of real substance has really changed as a result of the "rethink", however both Jonathan Cook's piece, and the letter issued by the Israeli Coalition of Women for Peace underline the fact that lots of damage can result from it, regardless of what it exactly means by way of its substance. Cook's article also contains criticism of the Goldstone's piece at the level of accuracy (as does a Democracy Now! segment containing an interview with Adam Horowitz and Lizzy Ratner:

Last but not least: A piece by Jerry Haber that appeared today on his blog,
The Magnes Zionist, titled: "Judge Goldstone to the Associated Press: The Goldstone Report Stands as Written."

One would hope that the last interview will bring to an end the revisionist efforts by Israel and its followers, but I think it's safe to doubt this...

Racheli Gai.


PCHR Highlight Key Issues Relating to Report of UN Fact-Finding Mission on Gaza Conflict (the 'Goldstone Report)


M J Rosenberg:
Goldstone's Edit Changes Nothing


Jonathan Cook: Goldstone's Rethink


Letter to Goldstone from Coalition of Women for Peace (Israel)


Judge Goldstone to Associated Press: The Goldstone Report Stands as Written
Posted: 06 Apr 2011
After two days of misrepresentations in the press, and after a conversation between Minister of Interior and Eli Yishai was grossly misunderstood by the latter, Judge Goldstone had to break the silence that he had decreed on himself since the publication of his Washington Post Op-Ed and speak with an Associated Press reporter

"As appears from the Washington Post article, information subsequent to publication of the report did meet with the view that one correction should be made with regard to intentionality on the part of Israel," the judge said. "Further information as a result of domestic investigations could lead to further reconsideration, but as presently advised I have no reason to believe any part of the report needs to be reconsidered at this time."

To sum up how things stand now:

Judge Goldstone stands behind a report that found Israel guilty of war crimes. After two years he has not changed his mind on that charge.

Judge Goldstone is less inclined to believe that Israel was guilty of crimes against humanity. But since that was presented as a possible finding in the report itself, there is no need to revise that finding either.

Judge Goldstone, therefore, has not expressed regret, apology, nor has he recanted the report.

He wrote an op-ed with a conciliatory tone. He now has an invitation to visit Israel. Let's hope he comes.

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