Saturday, March 6, 2010

New Profile Urges UN to Hold Israel Accountable

On January 28th 2010, New Profile, a feminist movement working to demilitarize society and state in Israel, dispatched a letter to a list of top U.N. officials urging the U.N. General Assembly and the U.N. Security Council to intervene to ensure implementation of the recommendations made by the U.N. Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict.

"If the United Nations and wider international community are to meet their responsibilities in upholding the rule of law," New Profile wrote the U.N. Secretary-General, among others, "then concerted, effective and prompt action must be taken at the highest level to end the impunity and ensure the accountability of the State of Israel."

Based on its long years of research-based, oppositional praxis, New Profile stated in conclusion, that, "the militarized system in place in Israel renders the State of Israel incapable of conducting its own implementation of the U.N. Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict."
To read the entire analysis corroborating New Profile's claim and first-hand information on recent silencing measures encountered by the movement, please see the full text of the letter (PDF) at:

Rela Mazali

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