Wednesday, February 2, 2011

EGYPT! - an urgent call to action

As of today, peaceful demonstrators in Cairo are being attacked by government thugs. The petition below, put out by Just Foreign Policy, is demanding that Obama take action on behalf of the people of Egypt. Please consider signing as well as calling the president, and if you are an American, send the petition to your representatives, too.


Demand President Obama immediately pressure the U.S.-backed Egyptian military to protect peaceful protesters in Egypt.

Add more pressure: Call the White House

Today, peaceful anti-government protesters in Cairo's Tahrir Square were attacked by a mob that anti-government protesters and some journalists say was orchestrated by the government and tolerated by the U.S.-backed Egyptian military. The U.S.-backed Egyptian military did not stop the violence, despite its earlier pledge to protect peaceful protesters, the Guardian reports. [1] Journalists were also attacked, including CNN's Anderson Cooper. [2.]

Demand that U.S. officials act immediately to stop the violence by holding the U.S.-backed Egyptian military to account, making clear that U.S. aid to the Egyptian military will be cut if the Egyptian military does not protect peaceful protesters from violence.

The security services were just sitting on their tanks watching as the violence began, the Guardian's Peter Beaumont reported. "You can't help feeling that it has all been heavily coordinated," he said. Later, Beaumont reported that supposed "pro-Mubarak supporters" were recognizably police: "There is no question in my mind that they police, they are central security forces. These are the same guys that were out in force all last week and they have filtered back in again. They are very very recognizable, they are certain kind of people." [3] "All indications are that what is happening in Tahrir Square is government-sanctioned," reported Ben Wedeman of CNN. [4]

Regardless of whether the violent pro-government mob consisted of government employees or volunteers or a mix of both, the Egyptian military was responsible for allowing the violence to proceed. The U.S. government bears responsibility for the actions of the Egyptian military due to the billions of dollars in U.S. aid that the Egyptian military has received from the U.S.

Urge U.S. officials to act immediately and decisively to stop the violence and hold the Egyptian military to account by threatening to cut U.S. military aid if the Egyptian military does not protect peaceful protesters from violence.

Thank you for all you do to help bring about a just foreign policy,

Chelsea Mozen, Sarah Burns, Megan Iorio and Robert Naiman
Just Foreign Policy


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